Friday, April 30, 2010

Anti Aging Effects of Antioxidants

Researchers have found a strong link between longevity and antioxidants.

In aging studies, researchers discovered mammals that produce the highest levels of antioxidants have the longest lifespans. And when they genetically engineered fruit flies to have double their normal amount of antioxidants, the fruit flies lived twice as long.

One way to measure the antioxidant power of a liquid is called its ORP value, its Oxidation Reduction Potential. (Another expression of antioxidant capability is called its Redux potential. We will use ORP in this article.)

ORP values are expressed in millivolts, from high to low with the lower readings indicating the more powerful antioxidant. In fact, a substance with a high ORP is an oxidant, a danger to your body which will cause disease and decrease your lifespan. Actually, it is the oxidation damage done to the body by free radicals, damaged atoms, that results in death from atomic radiation exposure.

One of the highest ORP substances you can put in your body is soda. Soda generally has ORP values in the 2-400 Millivolt range.

A good antioxidant like vitamin C, on the other hand has an ORP of around -150 Millivolts.

Antioxidants come from two sources. Your body makes its own antioxidants and you get them from your diet, mainly from fruits and vegetables.

But your body's production of antioxidants drop off as you age, leading to a build-up of free radicals which oxidize your cells and cause aging, just the same way they turn an apple slice brown when exposed to the oxidative forces of air.

And here’s something else: Levels of antioxidants vary by as much as 50% depending on the person. That may be why some people age quickly and why others live to a ripe old age without any problems.

That is because the damage done by free radicals, to the DNA of cells, to the collagen of the skin, to the arteries, to the nerves, etc. etc. is mitigated.

How can you make sure you are protected from free radical damage?

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