Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fried Chicken Cures Cancer!

I feel sick! This is NOT a JOKE. The Susan G Komen Foundation for the Cure of Cancer has just formed a joint (money making!) venture to push Kentucky Fried Chicken as a Cure for Cancer!

This is the ultimate proof to my heretofore controversial stance that disease support groups are just that, groups that support a given disease! Let's face it, what would happen to the Amercan Diabetes Association if diabetes was cured? What about the American Heart Association if heart disease was cured?

These Feel Good, Pimp organizations are in cahoots with Big Pharma and the Medical Maffia. They are controlled by them, via financial support and linked Board Memberships.

They suck millions of dollars each year from the trusting victims of the "supported" disease, their families and friends. They use this money to sustain themselves and to act as "beards" for Big Pharma and the Medical Maffia.

The contributions they make to "medical research" support the same conventional wisdom that produces dangerous, expensive drugs that Never Cure the target disease! Did you ever notice that? "See Water Cures, Drugs Kill)

Oh, the medical truth about cancer and fried chicken?

Where do I start?

Fried chicken is cooked in heated vegetable oil, which produces tons of artery and cell damaging free radicals. These are "vampire" molecules that damage and destroy healthy cells all over the body. These are the Oxidants that Antioxidants fight.

Meats and carbohydrates (the chicken and flour) also produce acid residue in the body, causing over acidity.

When over acidic blood and/or free radicals attack arteries, the body sends in "Bad" or LDL cholesterol which forms a "bandage" over the damaged area. (Yes, Bad cholesterol can save your life!)The more damage, the more cholesterol deposited until the cholesterol deposits (plaque)get so thick that they constrict the lumen or diameter of the blood vessel raising the pressure needed to force the blood through the constriction (called high blood pressure.)

The danger is that with continued consumption of fried foods, the thickened, acidi blood will generate so much plaque that it will totally block the artery or, worst, fracture and send a clot to large in one of the smaller arteries, causing an infarction or heart attack.

While the heart attack scenario is playing out, stage left, cancer is preparing to make a dramatic entrance.

The combination of acidic blood and free radicals is a perfect 1/2 punch leading to cancer!

Either one, but especially free radicals can attack the DNA of cells, causing them to reproduce damaged offspring cells. Under the right circumstances, such as low blood PH, (too much acid in the blood) these damaged cells grow uncontrollably (cancer!)

Interestingly, neither Susan G Komen nor their cohorts in Big Pharma or the Medical Maffia has seen fit to educate the medical profession or the public of the Nobel Prize winning work of Dr Otto Warburg in 1933. What did he win the Prize for? Simply for proving that cancers cells die or go into remission when the PH of the blood goes from acid to normal!!!

And how is the tremendous feat of turning the blood from acid to normal (slightly alkaline) accomplished? What Miracle Drugs or Expensive sophisticated medical technology is required?

By improving your diet! Listen to a fascinating interview I did with Jimmy. Jimmy was given 3 weeks to live by his doctors. They had done everything to save him, chemo radiation, etc. but his Stage 4 Prostate cancer was winning the battle and was killing him. Until...

Shame on the Whore, Susan G Komen!


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