Saturday, October 24, 2009

USDA Gives OK to Marketing Mad-Cow Contaminated Beef!

The USDA just ruled that it is ok to market meat from so-called "downer cows" cows that died before slaughter and are a high risk for the prions that signal mad cow disease as long as their meat is mixed with meat from healthy cows!

How does adding another cow's meat to the downer cow's meat make the downer cow's meat any safer? It doesn't, of course, but the USDA (FDA,FAA etc) isn't really interested in consumer safety. That's why they've issued this statement that means a meat packing company can use 99% of its beef from mad cow disease "downer" cows, and 1% of its beef from healthy cows, and it's all declared "safe" by the USDA with no need to recall the beef!

Now you can see why I consider the USDA to be such a joke. Much like the FDA, the USDA is primarily focused on protecting the profits of the industry it claims to regulate. What's important to the USDA is promoting beef, not protecting the public, and that's exactly why you also see these intentional delays in the USDA issuing beef recalls. These delays are specifically designed to limit the financial losses associated with beef recalls by making sure most of the meat is already eaten by consumers before the recall is issued.
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