Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doctors Agree, Nutrition is the Key to Preventing, Controlling and Curing Cancer!

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the highly acclaimed book, The China Study, and his team of researchers has conclusively demonstrated in his studies conducted over twenty years that it is possible to turn cancer on and turn cancer off.

He determined that diet has an absolute effect on all cancers.
The same conclusion was reached when they looked at diet’s effect on diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and many other significant and less significant health conditions.

In 1998, the American Institute for Cancer Research awarded Dr. Campbell their Research Achievement award for his lifetime of work toward a resolution based in diet and lifestyle choices that affect a variety of cancers.

Dr Campbell has a love for the natural way to health and is determined to speak out on the influence of “big medicine” on wellness, a subject he speaks passionately in the China Study.

In Dr. Campbell’s conclusions of nutritional and environmental factors affecting the presence of all cancers, his hypothesis compliments the position of Hiromi Shinya, MD, an oncologist who invented the modern colonoscope.

His similar clinical observations on patients in his practices both in the United States and in Japan can at last put our minds at ease. It is now possible to have control of a death defying situation called cancer. In the judgment of both men and supported by Susan Lark, MD in her book, Chemistry of Success, acid causing diets have a negative effect in our body that can lead to disease. In fact in 1933 Dr. Otto Warburg was given the Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer cells can only live in an overly acidic body, they die by themselves in an alkaline body. In fact, it is now agreed that virtually all chronic diseases can be traced back to imbalances of the body caused by bad nutrition.

All three doctors have concluded that an alkaline diet consisting of plant-based foods, augmented with alkaline water, exercise and meditation can thwart the growth of cancer, crush the incidence of diabetes and inhibit the occurrence of heart disease.
Obviously, this is news Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia does not want to get out. They want to continue the "Search for the Cure" and spend billions of dollars on diseases that can be prevented, controlled or even cured with safe, effective nutrition based treatments.

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Bill Young, Nutritional Therapy Coach

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