Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vitamin C and E Linked to Lower Blood Pressure!

Dr Joseph Mercola:

"According to results of a recent study, rats that consumed foods with free radicals -- compounds that are linked to heart disease and other chronic illnesses -- had lower levels of nitric oxide and higher blood pressure.

However, adding vitamins C and E to the rats' diet appeared to partially reverse this degenerative process, resulting in lower blood pressure levels."

Dr Mercola is a conventional medical doctor "Gone Bad!"

He is now a big advocate of alternative medicine, especially nutrition based alternatives.

Why doesn't conventional medicine acknowledge and adopt natural treatments of all chronic diseases, like hypertension?

It has been observed by a growing list of doctors that most chronic degenerative diseases are the result of poor nutrition, the recommendations of the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is low in antioxidant nutrients and very high in acid producing foods.

Consuming this diet results in the build up of acid in the body and oxidative stress caused by the free radicals that defeat the body's stores of antioxidants. This leaves the body incapable of defending itself from attack by various diseases and maladies.

Once the body's defenses are restored by consuming foods that are alkaline and full of natural antioxidants and by drinking Ionized, alkaline water, which is the strongest antioxidant available, the body is then able to defeat the disease producing microbes and "heal" itself.

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