Sunday, October 4, 2009

Overacidity of the body is at the root of all disease!

Excerpt of an article by Dr Robert O. Young

"The main point here is that bacteria, yeast, fungus or mold do not cause sickness and disease (including cancer) --- sickness and disease (including cancer and HIV) is a result of excess acidity or antigens that have not been properly buffered by antibodies or bases such as sodium bicarbonate (an alkalizing chemical).

Sickness and disease can only be caused by an over acidification (abundance of antigens) of the fluids of the body due to our own personal lifestyle and dietary choices.

As you contemplate the cause of the flu, cold or any so-called infection, may I suggest that each of us take personal responsibility for the consequences of our choices, rather than blame a phantom Avian Influenza virus, cold virus, flu virus, cancer virus or some non-existent HIV virus.

If you get sick, it is your own fault and not the cause of some phantom virus that you can blame to cover your own lifestyle and dietary transgressions. Save your money and save your life by making alkalizing and energizing lifestyle and dietary choices.

This is where true immunity is found -- not in a vaccine or a drug which are all acidic and poisonous to the body but in living an alkaline lifestyle." Dr Robert O. Young is a biochemical researcher and the author of several books on the subject of dietary solutions to diseases.

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Dr Young is no relation.

Even Dr Louis Pasteur, the inventor of the Germ Theory of disease, recanted that theory at the end of his life, saying, "It is not the germs, but the terrain that causes sickness." (sic) In other words, it is the hospitable environment in the body that causes sickness.

Just as mosquitoes look for and can only survive in dirty stagnant water, they do not cause the water to become dirty and stagnant. Clean up the water and you get rid of the mosquitoes. Clean up (alkalize) your body and your disease will go away!

You can alkalize your lifestyle by proper foods, water, exercise, meditation and nutritional supplements. For more information, go here:

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