Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Diabetes Drug Approved by The FDA, YaaaY!

Another new Profit making (hopefully) diabetes drug approved by the FDA! Yaaay!

I wonder Who paid for the clinical trials? By whom were they conducted? How do we know the results were accurately reported? Many FDA researchers report pressure to lie about their research!

How much money is the drug projected to make for Bristol Myers? How long will it be before Onglyza will be pulled from the market when it is inevitably associated with heart attacks, kidney or liver failure and other "side effects?" Hopefully not before its new and improved successor is announced.

You can see why the medical establishment, the AMA, the ADA, Big Pharma, the "Support Groups" that can only stay in business by helping to suppress the truth about the MediCrooks, rarely cooperate in spreading the truth.

However, there are a growing number of enlightened health care professionals who are discovering and embracing alternative treatments of diabetes and other chronic diseases for which the MediCrooks have no cures, just more and more dangerous and expensive drugs.

Fortunately, I was able to cure my own Type 2 diabetes by alkalizing my diet and discovering ionized alkaline water. Now, as a Nutritional Therapy Coach, I spread the word to thousands of others suffering from diabetes! You can go here and see an actual video of how Japanese doctors saved a diabetic's gangrenous feet. He had been seen by conventional doctors who told him he would have to have them amputated! That certainly would have been his fate if he had seen most doctors in this country, just as my father lost his foot and leg to diabetes and then died of a heart attack, just like 70% of diabetics! What a shame, a disgrace on the medical profession in this country!

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