Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dangerous Diabetes Guidelines Issued By Pharma Backed Industry Group!

Last year, a national guideline-setting group abruptly withdrew a controversial diabetes standard it adopted in 2006 that called for aggressive control of blood sugar, or glucose. They claimed that doing so would eliminate diabetic complications.

The change came after a large federal study indicated that lowering glucose too quickly or too much in some patients could harm or even kill them.

Critics have also suggested that pharmaceutical companies influenced the guideline so they could sell more glucose-lowering drugs like insulin.

The group that set the guideline, a Washington organization called the National Committee for Quality Assurance, received about $3 million, or 10 percent of its revenue, last year from drug and medical device makers.


More and more evidence that you cannot trust much of what Mainstream Medicine, Big Pharma and the Disease Pimps, I mean Disease Associations spout about what you should do.

Even my experience with Disease Support Groups makes me suspect their real motives. Giving out balloons and brightly colored stickers to sufferers of disease instead of independent information that can truly help them only ensures the longevity of the support groups.

Diabetes like most other chronic illnesses is caused by two factors: Over acidity of the body and out of control free radicals. Reverse these conditions and the body will heal itself

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