Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Can Stop Complications of Diabetes with Alkaline Treatments!

Diabetes Related Complications: Neither oral diabetic medications nor insulin prevents the progression of diabetes and its deadly complications. In fact, 7 out of 10 diabetics die from heart disease.

There are many potential complications of diabetes. The four most common are heart disease (hardening of the arteries), nephropathy (kidney damage), neuropathy (nerve damage), and retinopathy (eye damage).

Leading an Alkalizing (acid neutralizing) Lifestyle and augmenting your body's anti oxidants has been found to prevent, control or even cure these complications.


The most common complication of diabetes and the leading cause of death in people with diabetes is heart disease or hardening of the arteries.

Hardening of the arteries is caused by damage by free radicals (more later) and by over alkalinity of the blood.

The Standard American Diet, (SAD) is a major contributor to over acidity in the body. The body needs its Ph, (a measure of the amount of hydrogen)to stay pretty close to its natural value of 7.365.

As the diet, worry and environmental pollutants make the body more acidic, disease producing microbes multiply, giving rise to all types of diseases and the acid attacks the lining of blood vessels, giving rise to cardiovascular diseases.

To protect itself against the excess acid, the body is ready to take extreme measures as excess acidity can mean death.

The body first tries to eliminate the acid by excretion, respiration and sweating. (Exercise anyone?)

If that is not enough, it then isolates the acid by storing it in joints (arthritis), tissues and in a special type of fat which it deposits around your middle, giving rise to the apple shaped body of many diabetics.

If the acidosis, (over acidity) persists the body will actually steal calcium from your bones (osteoporiasis) and magnesium from your muscles (fibromyalgia) to buffer the excess acid.

Hence it is seen that acidosis is the genesis of most diseases of the body. The amazing thing is that once the excess acid has been eliminated, the disease conditions caused by the acidosis, recede or disappear, the body heals itself, just as mosquitos can only live in dirty, stagnant water and disappear when the water is cleaned up.

Free Radicals:

Excess insulin in the blood causes glucose to be turned into triglycerides by the liver. These triglycerides may then attack the nervous system and are a prime target of free radicals, which oxidize them and lead to cardiovascular problems.

Free radicals are "rogue" molecules that are a by product of oxidation or energy production by the body and or are introduced from outside by air pollution, food or drink. Believe it or not, they can also be produced in the body by worry, depression or other negative thoughts!

They are extremely dangerous substances. They attack the cell walls and DNA of normal cells, disrupting their functioning and in many cases, turning them cancerous. They also turn these damaged cells into free radicals, causing a chain reaction. Sort of like when you are bitten by a vampire, you become a vampire?

They can also attack the body's enzymes, which play a pivotal role in virtually every chemical reaction in the body. If they cannot function normally, they will produce disease and disruption in all of the body's systems.

Carbonic Hydrase is an enzyme that turns carbon dioxide, CO2 a waste product of oxygen metabolism in the cells into a form that can be transported by the blood to the lungs where it can be turned into a gas (again by Carbonic Hydrase) and expelled.

Carbonic Hydrase transforms about 1 million molecules of CO2 per second. If the functioning of carbonic hydrase were disrupted you would die as it is the presense of CO2 in your lungs that triggers the diaphragm to expand and contract, in other words your breathing.

Your body has a limited defense against free radicals called anti oxidants. The main one is glutathione which is made by the liver. Some Lipoic acid, another anti oxidant, is also synthesized by the body.

However with the relentless attacks of free radicals, the DNA of the average cell in your body is attacked 10,000 times per day by free radicals according to Bruce Ames a prominent anti oxidant researcher; it needs help.

This is normally supplied by fruits and vegetables in the form of Vitamins C and E and the carotenoids, the minerals that give fruits and vegetables their characteristic colors.

However, with the depleted state of our farmland and the genetic engineering of our foods by Corporate Agriculture, food alone does not supply enough anti oxidants.

So the stage is set for additional damage to the body.


Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure leading to dialysis in the United States. The intricate blood vessels and pathways in the kidney are prime targets for free radical damage and enzyme malfunctioning brought on by acidosis.


Diabetic peripheral neuropathy most commonly occurs in the extremities. Diabetes is the leading cause of peripheral amputations in the United States. Since the nerves that travel from your brain to your feet and vice versa are subject to damage from acidosis and free radicals your diabetes medication only exacerbates the problem by becoming acids in your body as they are metabolized. This includes insulin.


It is sad to say but diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in America. The nerves in the retina and the small blood vessels that supply it are again, subject to damage from acidosis and attack by free radicals.

What does the AMA, Big Pharma and the ADA have to say about dealing with these preventable complications of diabetes? Quoting from a recent article on diabetic complications: "Screen for the common complications of diabetes, so that any problems can be identified early or, ideally, prevented. Special: Get a free diabetic meter!"

The Real answer to preventing, controlling and maybe even curing Type 2 diabetes and eliminating the progression of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is to alkalize your lifestyle and augment your anti oxidants.

Click here to learn how you can begin to alkalize your lifestyle for free! Begin by watching this amazing video of Japanese doctors preventing the amputation of Mr Abbi, a diabetic, gangrenous feet. His doctor did more than just offer him a "free diabetic meter!"

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