Wednesday, December 23, 2009

American Diabetes Association - Disease Pimps!

An ADA Ad:

"In the next 24 hours, diabetes will kill 200 people! With your help, we can stop it. DONATE TODAY!"

What would the ADA do if diabetes were cured? Who is on their Board of Directors? What would they do for money if diabetes was cured?

Why do they not spread the word that diabetes Can be cured? I cured my Type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, the ADA is in league with Big Pharma and the AMA. They all profit from making sure that people suffering from chronic illnesses remain dependent on drugs to prolong a life of misery, never being cured.

Dr Batmanghelidj was a gastroenterologist who gave his life proving that most chronic diseases were caused by dehydration of the body's cells. Despite published papers and acclaim from other doctors and health care professionals, Big Pharma, the AMA and the disease associations, (diseased pimps), were able to marginalize him and his work, before he died under mysterious circumstances in a US hospital of "complications of pneumonia."

You will be amazed and angered when you read his books. He finally realized that he would get nowhere thru established medical channels and wrote a series of books to explain to the layman that they were being victimized by the Medical Mafia and how they could cure themselves.

My father died a horrible death from diabetes, my mother died from colon cancer, my baby sister died from lupus: Dr Batmanghelidij cured all of these diseases. Dr Batmanghelidj anticipated his own death, saying in his last book, "I am surprised that I am still alive!" considering the underhand tactics of Big Pharma and the rest of the Medical Mafia.

He implored us to spread the word about his work so that we could end the reign of terror visited upon us by Big Pharma. I have dedicated my life to helping spread the knowledge of this great man.

Read his books, "Water Cures, Drugs Kill" "ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus" and "The Body's Many Cries for Water"

I have started a study group in which we explore the doctor's work and how to apply his healing methods to ourselves. I also tell my story of how I cured my
Type 2 diabetes and my lifelong asthma using his water protocol.

You can participate in my study group. If you are in the Philadelphia area, you can attend the meetings. If you are not in Philly, the meeting is broadcast over the Internet. Click here for more info There is no fee to join or to participate

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for further information.

Bill Young, Nutrition Therapy Coach

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