Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wyeth Pays Docs to Write Bogus Research Papers in Medical Journals

Drugs Kill!

The Discovery process in one of the thousands of lawsuits brought against Wyeth Labs, the former American Home Products, has uncovered the criminal underside of Big Pharma and the medical industry. It clearly reveals how some of the insane profits it wrenches from you and me are put to use with wanton disregard to the death of patients.

Thousands of women have been maimed and killed by breast cancers caused by Wyeth's postmenstrual hormone replacement drugs, premarin and prempro.

It is not enough that deaths resulting from Correctly prescribed drugs kill enough unsuspecting patients that this is now the 5th leading death in this country.(Washington Post) Big Pharma's insatiable quest for blood money allows them to corrupt the very integrity of the entire medical establishment.

Hold your nose and read the unbelievable details here in the New York Times! Unbelievable:

What do think will be the result of this expose? Nothing? You are right!

What can you do to fight this Outrageously Criminal practice of the Big Pharm, of which the Wyeth case is not alone? Come join one of our nationwide Study Groups we organized around the incredible, ground breaking work of the late Dr Batmanghelidj.

He devoted 20 years to researching, experimenting and proving that plain water could cure major life threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. During that period, he cured thousands of patients of these diseases. No toxic, expensive, dangerous drugs from Big Pharma could do this!

His work has been systematically debunked, marginalized and stifled by Big Pharma and the medical profession. Our study groups are organized around one the last book he wrote in 2003, "Water Cures, Drugs Kill." which incorporate his most up to date findings and contains scores of personal testimonies from people who followed his teachings and cured themselves with water, including other health care professionals! The meetings are free and you can actually get started on his water protocol right at the meeting! Check to see if there is one in your area yet:

Bill Young, Nutritional Therapy Coach

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