Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Study Finds Meditteranean Diet Cuts Need for Drugs in T2 Diabetes

From the Annals of Internal Medicine:

In this trial, the authors compared the effects of a Mediterranean diet versus a typical low-fat diet for diabetes management.

Researchers randomly assigned 215 patients to follow either a low carbohydrate, Mediterranean-style diet or a low-fat diet for four years.

After four years, 44% of patients in the Mediterranean-style diet group required antihyperglycemic drug therapy compared to 70% in the low-fat diet group.

Patients in the Mediterranean diet group also experienced greater weight loss and an improvement in some coronary risk factors.


The Mediterranean diet is a step in the right direction. However, nearly half, 44% of participants still needed to go on diabetic drugs.

The Alkaline Diet is the Industrial Strength anti diabetic diet as it does more to alkalize the body, eliminate the over acidity which is a big part of the diabetic's problem. It also helps supply the body with antioxidants which are essential to fight the enormous amounts of deadly free radicals that plague diabetics.

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