Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Safe, Inexpensive, Natural Solution for Diabetic Foot Problems!

Diabetic foot problems can be prevented and cured, naturally. However, just controlling blood sugar levels is not enough.

Diabetics have an abnormal amount of Free Radicals in their system. These are dangerous by-products of normal cell metabolism. They are also introduced into the body by poor diet choices (fried foods mainly) and environmental sources.

They attack the nervous system and destroy nerves in the foot and elsewhere, making it impossible for the diabetic to be aware of wounds to the feet.

However, free radicals can be controlled by Anti Oxidants found in foods as well as in supplements, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid and in Ionized Water.

German and French doctors have been using Alpha Lipoic Acid, a nutritional supplement, for decades to treat and cure diabetic foot problems.

Japanese hospitals have had amazing success treating diabetic foot problems with Ionized Water.

My Dad's doctor, controlled by the profit needs of Big Pharma, let him lose his foot, then his leg rather than tell him about these effective, inexpensive treatments. He eventually died of a heart attack as 70% of diabetics do.

Another problem is that the blood of diabetics has a high Ph, meaning that it is acidic. Acidic blood means lower than normal oxygen supplies get to the cells which fosters the growth of disease causing organisms such as the ones that infect the diabetic's feet; eventually becoming gangrenous, necessitating amputation.

Here is a video of Japanese doctors using Ionized, Anti Oxidant Water in conjunction with Alkaline Water which lowers the Ph eliminating the over acid blood condition; to save a diabetic's foot slated for amputation.

Please spread the word about these effective, inexpensive methods to prevent totally unnecessary amputations!

Bill Young
Nutritional Therapy Coach

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