Sunday, August 30, 2009

FDA Issues Heart Attack Warning for Avandia Users

From MedRecallNews:

The FDA is now raising strong concerns about the long-term safety of Avandia due to the potential for serious heart complications.

Avandia came under scrutiny for the potential increase in Heart Attack risks by 43% and Cardiovascular-related Deaths by 64%

The FDA criticized GlaxoSmithKlines marketing for adopting "blatant selective manipulation of data" to exaggerate benefits and understate risks of the Avandia Drug.

Liver failure, vision loss, and Osteoporosis have also been suggested as a potential side effects of this drug treatment.

Studies suggest that many users of Avandia have already suffered injury or even death. Many are advising that patients adopt alternative treatments.
Wow! Can you imagine how great the danger Really is if the FDA is publicly issuing warnings about Avandia? (Read earlier post on Scientists forced to lie about research findings adverse to drug companies!)

"Many are advising that patients adopt alternative treatments."

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Bill Young
Nutritional Therapy Coach

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