Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Still Don't Get It? Diabetes Drugs Are Dangerous!

Latest of many reports on the damage diabetes drugs can cause and the inaction on the part of the FDA, which is in the drug companies pockets and why you should not believe 1 word of what they say!

This Artificial Insulin Causes Cancer?

This just in: Artificial insulin product Lantus may increase the risk of several kinds of cancer.

FDA scientists reviewed four studies...three of which demonstrated a link between Lantus and cancer. In fact, a German study found a possible 31% increased cancer risk for diabetics using Lantus. And a Swedish study showed that patients taking Lantus faced double the risk for breast cancer.

While scientists are calling for further investigation, the FDA is doing...nothing, (insuring the drug companies can make a few more million people sick while raking in another few Billion.)

By the way, the Last thing a Type 2 Diabetic needs is Insulin, natural of phony!

In the mean time, other scientists have discovered how to CURE diabetes and every other kind of chronic illness, naturally and inexpensively. Of course you have never heard of them or their findings before, because the Bankers who fund the medical industry also control the news media! But you can go here and read what top Integrated Medicine Docs have discovered and how you can use it to put an end to your diabetes, instead of "Treating" it before it kills you!

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