Friday, July 3, 2009

Add DEATH to the List of Ritlin's "Side Effects!"

Excerpt from Doctor WC Douglas, MD

Ritalin is no lightweight narcotic -- it's a schedule II controlled substance (like cocaine) and the possible consequences of taking this drug include heart attacks, growth problems, and psychosis.

And now you can add death to its list of "side effects."

The speculation among doctors is that taking these stimulant drugs routinely increases the heart rate and has an impact on the cardiovascular system.

And yet, in spite of these links to possible death, the FDA doesn't feel the need to toughen up the prescribing guidelines for ADHD drugs. That inaction alone needlessly and irresponsibly exposes the more than 2.5 million kids in this country taking Ritalin-like drugs to danger.

In typical half-measure fashion, the FDA even held a press conference to downplay the importance of the findings -- yes, the findings of a study that the FDA themselves helped to finance. The agency claimed that the study was too small to allow far-reaching conclusions to be drawn, and that the incidence of sudden death (less than one in 10,000 kids) was too rare to limit the use of drugs to treat a "serious illness" like ADHD.

The fact that even one child has died as a result of taking dangerous drugs to treat an entirely fictional "disorder" is an utter and complete outrage.

You should look at these results the way I have -- legitimate proof of the dangers of all ADHD drugs. The suspicions have been there for years (and they weren't just mine). But the drug companies are making too much money, and too many people in the medical community have bought into the lie of ADHD. All I can do is spread the word to you and hope that parents get the word.

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