Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diabetes And the Eyes-Convetional Medical Treatment vs Nutritional Care

Quote from "Diabetes Self Management," July 15, 2009

"There are several diabetes-related complications that affect the eyes; the most common is retinopathy.

Every year, retinopathy results in blindness for over 10,000 people with diabetes, and many more experience partial vision loss. In addition to retinopathy, cataracts may occur at a younger age in people with diabetes, and a person with diabetes is twice as likely as the general population to develop glaucoma.

The positive message regarding eye diseases that are related to diabetes is that many are preventable by keeping blood glucose levels and blood pressure levels well controlled."

"Keeping blood glucose and blood pressure levels well controlled."

And how does mainstream medicine propose to do that? With dangerous,expensive diabetes drugs that only make the underlying problem; blood acidosis and free radicals, worse!

We now know, thanks to alternative medical practitioners, that the underlying cause of diabetes and all other chronic diseases is acidosis of the blood. (Dr T. Baroody, "Alkalize or Die", Dr Robert Young, "The Ph Miracle", Dr Leigh Erin Conneally, "Acidosis, the Ph Balancing Act" Dr Susan Lark, "The Chemistry of Success" "ACID ALKALINE DIET" by Dr Christopher Vasey, "WATER CURES: DRUGS KILL" Dr Faridun Batmanghelidj and many, many others.)

When the Ph balance of the blood is upset and the blood becomes too acidic, a torrent of free radicals is unleashed. They are highly destructive "rogue" cells that are short 1 electron. They ravage normal cells in order to steal one of their electrons, thereby converting them to free radicals; precipitating a chain reaction of destruction of whatever organs they attack.

As the acidosis persists, the body begins to die; systems; organs and bodily functions begin to malfunction till finally, when the blood becomes totally acidic, you die.

You see, as the blood becomes more acid, harmful, disease causing viruses and bacteria become active as they can only thrive in an acid environment.

Way back in 1933, Dr Otto Warburg got the Nobel Prize for discovering the fact that cancer cells can Only live in acidic environments. They die in alkaline environments!

Also, processes, such as cell division begin to go awry as the precise timing and intra celluar signals that are so vital to their successful division misfire because the change in acidity of the blood has interfered with the electrical properties of the cell. It is just like a computer making errors if the electric current powering it varies too much from its operating range.

Cancer is one of the results of cells reproducing incorrectly.

Nerves also are degraded by this change in the electrical properties of the blood. Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, depression, Diabetic Neuropathy, paranoia etc. can be some of the results.

These negative consequences of over acidity multiply if the acid level of the blood is not returned to normal, bringing you closer to death.

Diabetes drugs increase the blood's acidity along with their other "side effects" such as Avandia's documented propensity for causing heart attacks.

The Standard American Diet is a Major factor in making the blood more acid. Practically everything in the diet is acidic, except certain fruits and vegetables.

The answer is to eliminate the excess acid in the blood by alkalizing it. The way to do this is to adopt an alkaline lifestyle.

Once the acidosis is eliminated and the Ph balance is restored, normal functioning of the body is restored, the bad viruses and bacteria are again rendered inactive or harmless. Malfunctioning processes correct themselves. In short, the body is restored to its natural healthy state without the need for drugs or medicine!

If you suffer from any chronic disease, or want to prevent their onset; you can see immediate improvement and maybe even cure yourself by alkalizing your body.

The best and quickest way to do that is to adopt an alkaline lifestyle.

Eat an alkaline diet
Drink Ionized Alkaline water
Get proper exercise
Pray or meditate regularly

Click here to get started alkalizing your life and reversing or preventing chronic illnesses!

Be sure to download the free Food Chart which shows which foods are alkaline and which are acidic.

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