Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Can Beat Diabetes!

Most people are unaware that diabetes is one of the most deadly diseases out there, killing more people each year than AIDS!

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and amputations in this country. Also, people with diabetes are also more likely to have high blood pressure and to die of stroke and heart attack.

It is also a primary contributor to erectile dysfunction and dementia.

But the government and Big Pharma would have you believe that diabetes is No Problem. Look at those happy diabetics on TV having fun, just like everybody else; except they have to "check their sugar" with those cute, multi-colored glucose meters.

Diabetes is an epidemic phenomena, exploding over the last 30 years so that now 1 of 8 New Yorkers and 23 million nationwide suffer with it. The majority of the $2 Trillion per year we spend on health care every year is spent on diabetically related diseases.

Yet, the corporate controlled medical research on the disease focuses almost exclusively on treatment rather than prevention and cure.

Why? Because diabetic treatment is a VERY profitable business, generating Billions to the corporations and the banks that finance them. Money, moola, cash, gelt etc.It is that simple.

How can I make such a sweeping indictment against the corporations?

I have researched the question and my research has uncovered work done by many courageous doctors and other medical professionals.

Their work establishes the fact that diabetes can be prevented, reversed and even cured!

I have taken it upon myself to be a mouthpiece advocating the elimination of diabetes. It was not the scourge it is now in the past, nor does it have to be in the future, if we can get the new information concerning the treatment of diabetes out to diabetes sufferers and the general public.

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