Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Standard American DIEt, (SAD) profits for the Bankers, Death to YOU!

Bear with me on this, I know it starts a little weird. I just read a review of the book, The Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, a Professor of Science and Investigative Journalism at UC Berkely. Here are my comments and observations.

The International Bankers who control this country and exploit all of us through their ownership and control of the Federal Reserve Bank and therefore of all of our money; finance the production and promotion of the American DIE-t and profit handsomely from the massive health care disaster it produces.

Diabetes causes (such as corporate control of food, transportation and culture, rampant inequality, weakened communities, and excessive materialism) are among the leading causes sickening the world.

The DIE-t, like all other aspects of the American (bankers’s) Dream, is designed to suck as much money from American citizens as possible.

You can get a very good picture of how the Banker-financed food industry uses science to get us actually addicted to their unhealthy, processed food in a new book, "The End of Overeating" by David Kessler, former Surgeon General of the US.

First the bankers make huge profits by funding the corporations which produce the “edible food-like substances,” (love that characterization!) that line our supermarket shelves.

They are primarily combinations of Fat,Sugar and Salt, sometimes with white flour added, according to what it is. Think Twinkie!

Over 94% of the food advertising budget is spent on advertising those highly processed foods. They are much more profitable than the healthy foods you will generally find in the produce department. When is the last time you saw a cabbage commercial?

Inexorably, a lifetime of consumption of these dangerous foods lead to chronic acidosis of the blood. Your blood should be slightly alkaline, but years of consuming an acid producing diet make it acidic.

This condition interferes with the electrical communications between the cells of the body which then produces errors and leads to an acidic environment and faulty communications between the cells.

This is the root problem of All disease! Among 40+ year olds, a called Metabolic SyndromeX is rampant. It is the precursor of All of the so-called diseases of aging.

At this point, the Bankers switch hats and make another Huge Fortune by treating the diseases they produce!

Remember, all of America's institutions intersect at the bank!

Health care is definitely one of them. A doctor friend of mine who has been practicing for 30 years, summed it up, somewhat cynically, but dead on; "Medical School in this country is simply learning what drug goes with what diagnosis, it is like doctors are actually representatives of the drug companies!" Wow! And who funds and controls the drug companies? The bankers.

Metabolic Syndrome is a medical term to describe the precursor of most of the chronic diseases we associate with aging and failing health:

• High blood pressure
• Heart Disease
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Cancers

Metabolic Syndrome has been directly tied to the American DIE-t and the resulting illnesses cost a fortune to treat as Michael so aptly points out.

If we include the impact of smoking and alcohol, also funded by the Bankers, treatment for these diseases account for approximately $1.5 Trillion or 3/4 of every health care dollar, according to Michael.

This insidious cycle of diet and disease is music to the Banker's ears.

This discussion just reinforces my assertion that the International Bankers control and profit from All aspects of our economy, even the food we eat, which coincidently, leads to expensive long term, highly profitable, chronic diseases that cost Billions to treat.

For more information, check out my radio broadcast, Tuesday, May 19th at 12 Noon, here: if you have missed it, you can listen to the recording after the show airs.


  1. I've read "In Defense of Food" and "Omnivore's Dilemma" both by Pollan. I recommend them to anyone interested in our food supply and the effects and interplay of agro-business and politics and how it affects us as consumers. I'm going to have to take a look at "The End of Overeating."

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