Thursday, March 18, 2010

Treat A Stroke With Hot Pepper!

05/05/2009: Karen from Newport, Oregon, USA. replies: "Vijay, must tell you that my mom at 85 yrs had a stroke & was "gone" by the time I got her out of the bathroom & into the bed. Had to really hurry & find cayenne powder which I mixed with a few drips of water then swabbed her tongue & mouth heavily inside with it. Next, Ran into the pantry, found my habinaro oil & proceeded to swab her tongue & inside of her mouth with it also.( it was much more hot!)The doseage was approx. a tsp of cayenne powder & enough water to make a quick paste. for the habinaro oil I put about a 1/4 tsp all around in her mouth. Then, her eyes opened! She was back- no brain damage observed then or now. She didn't feel the heat of the hot oils or remember them at all. It works & it's immediate."

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