Monday, March 22, 2010

Dentist Warning of Fluoride Dangers!

All most of us need to know about the dangers of fluoride is that it was put into the drinking water in the concetration camps of WW-2 by the Nazis!

But for those who need more convinving, here is a dentist warning about the dangers of fluoride, including the danger of its rotting your teeth!

Fluoride is a waste material from the production of aluminum. When a certain Very wealthy aluminum magnate was faced with the cost of disposing of thousands of tons of the poison, he sold it as a pesticide, which it still is today, killing, roaches, ants, mice and rats.

Faced with an even greater pile of the dangerous waste a few years later, the magnate came up with a scheme and enlisted the aid of his Congressman to sell the idea that fluoride would stop tooth decay, especially among young children and should be put in every municipal water supply, which it was.

Dr Osmunson, the dentist explains that fluoride is actually very dangerous and causes tooth destruction, especially among young children!
Start a petition going in your area, send your neighbors to this blog, get a movement going to demand fluoride be taken out of your local water supply!

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