Saturday, February 6, 2010

Omega 3 Oils Eliminated From Processed Foods

Oils rich in Omega-3 have been altered into trans-fats or removed altogether from foods to prevent spoilage and extend shelf life.

These practices took root many decades ago all in the name of profits for the food giants. And an unsuspecting public started down the road to nutritional deficiency with its resulting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, even depression without even knowing it.

So it is, the food industry consistently puts profits ahead of healthy nutrition.

To get healthy doses of Omega 3 oil and protect your cardiovascular system, eat oily fish, sardines especially since they are near the bottom of the food chain and have not ingested larger, mercury filled fish.

Other fish heavy in Omega-3, in relative order of safety would be mackerel, which is safer than, salmon, then tuna.

If you prefer, you can take cod liver oil which is also high in Omega-3 as well as vitamin D and A.

For the vegetarians, flax seed oil and walnut oil are great sources of Omega-3 oil.

Stay out of the center of the supermarket, that is where the processed foods ("near" foods) predominate.

The periphery of the store is where the "unadvertised" foods, such as produce, (when have you seen an ad for cabbage?) meats and grains are found.

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