Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bronchothermoplasty! Burning Your Lungs May Help Your Asthma??

How many of you are ready to have your lungs burned by "radiofrequency" heat that "reduces the ability of the breathing tubes to constrict." Permanently?

What about in cold weather when they should constrict?

What about the Millions of tiny airsacs the Bronchoscope cannot reach and therefore cannot treat?

How long will the treatment last, 1 or 2 years, then you have to do it again?

What about scar tissue? Won't the burned tissue just grow back? Why not?

Who conducted the study? Who paid for it? How much do each of the 3 treatments cost?

Will the treatment cure your asthma? What about the "side effects?" Quoting the study website: "There is the possibility of-
irregular heartbeat
shortness of breath
increased mucous secretion
or infection."

Bill's Comments:

Isn't that a lot to risk, especially when Dr Batmanghelidj has cured me and thousands of other asthmatics with none of the risks or costs associated with burning the lining of your lungs?

Before you become a human guinea pig, read his book, "ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus," available on this site to find out how thousands of asthmatics have permanently gotten rid of their asthma quickly, inexpensively with no drugs!
Contact me if you would like to learn first hand how his cure works. It has been over a year now with no asthma and for a lifelong asthmatic I feel like I have been reborn!
Bill Young, 646-961-3818

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