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Conventional Medicine Killed More Americans in 10 Years Than All Wars in Our History!

Organized (traditional) medicine more efficient than war in killing Americans!

7.8 million iatrogenic deaths in last decade more than all wars fought by U.S.

by The Idaho Observer

The most comprehensive report on “government-approved medicine” ever conducted shows that organized medicine has killed 7,841,360 Americans in the last 10 years.

“Our estimated 10-year total of 7.8 million iatrogenic [doctor-induced] deaths is more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the U.S. throughout its entire history,” commented the Nutrition Institute of America (NIA), in its report, “Death By Medicine” (Oct., 2003).

The concept of the report was prompted by the fact that, while conventional medicine kills hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, government regulators ban and restrict the use of vitamins and herbs that kill no one.

Incidentally, the report, which resulted from the compilation and analysis of 94 U.S. hospitals and hundreds of medical journal articles, determined that medical error causes an astounding 783,936 deaths per year (and growing). “It is evident that the American medical system is itself the leading cause of death and injury in the U.S.,” the authors observed.

The purpose of the report was to memorialize the total failure of the American medical system and to “provide the basis for competent and compassionate medical professionals to recognize the inadequacies of today's system and at least attempt to institute meaningful reforms,” wrote the editors of Life Extension magazine.
Bill's Comments__________________________________

Clearly this is a controversial thesis, that organized, conventional medicine kills 3/4 million Americans each year. But before you dismiss it, take a look at some of its most egregious features. When you couple it with the fact that the same forces are behind the deadly Standard American Diet, (SAD), the figures sighted in the report are probably conservative!

The intersection of the food industry and the medical industry is at the bank.

Bankers demand profits. In fact, they and all US corporations are mandated by law to put profits for shareholders before any other considerations, such as health, public safety, patriotism and even God. (Dodge vs Ford, 1916)

They finance a food industry that produces foods that are bad for our health, but profitable. Take monoculture for instance. This is the long discredited practice of growing the same crop in the same soil year after year. Since the same crop is drawing the same minerals from the soil, it becomes depleted.

This is what caused the great dust bowls of the 1930's. However, with the advent of synthetic fertilizers, which is more profitable than rotating crops to rest the soil is now the norm in Industrial Agriculture. The result is crops with little to no nutritional value.

Also, crops are being genetically modified (GM). They are being bred to be resistant to diseased, drought and flood, which might seem like a good idea, certainly one that will increase profits, but at what cost to the nutritional value of the result?

Other genetic manipulations include breeding crops that will survive transcontinental shipping and long storage times without spoiling and crops that appear perfect and healthy. Have you taken a bite out of a tomato recently? How about a strawberry? Much of these "advantages" come at the expense of the nutritional content of the fruit.

Bottom line is that much of what passes for wholesome fruits and vegetables today are deficient in the vitamins and minerals that we need for health and in fact, through selective breeding and genetic modification may actually be harmful to our health.

As far as raising livestock goes, the nostalgic picture of the farmer sucking on a weed next to the cattle pen with the red barn in the distance is pure bunk. Go see "Food Inc" to see how cows, pigs and chickens are really raised these days on "Factory Farms."

Cows are fed grain which is an unnatural food for them. Their natural food is grass. It changes their Omega 3 Fatty acids which we need for our health to Omega 6 fatty acids which most of us have too much of and has been implicated in many human diseases.

That is the good news. Cows and other animals are also fed the ground up carcasses of other dead animals! Hogs are born, fed and slaughtered in pens where they have little or no room to move in total filth. Chickens are raised in "factories" where they never once see the sun.

Dairy cows are shot full of Bovine Growth Hormone so that instead of 10 pounds of milk per day, they produce 100! This leads to problems, like having to wear brassiers to keep their udders off the ground. Disease and infection are rampant among these poor animals. Chickens with cancer, infected pigs and cows, all flooded with antibiotics that get into our bodies when we eat them along with growth hormones, one consequence of which is that girl's breasts are growing bigger, and their periods start earlier than normal, contributing to teenage pregnancy.

This brings us to step two. Since we are not getting the nutrients we need for our health but instead eating diseased, mutated animal flesh, we are being overwhelmed by diseases. Cancer now strikes 1 in 2 men, 1 in 8 New Yorkers has diabetes, 70 million have high blood pressure, etc. etc.

The same bankers finance the medical establishment. Their primary concern is profit. Most doctors are little more than drug pushers for the big pharmaceutical companies, Big Pharma. In medical school they are taught to "Name it and Tame it." Put a name to the patient's symptoms and then prescribe a drug for that disease.

In their practices they are bribed by Big Pharma; sports and show tickets, lavish catered lunches for the doctor and his staff, vacations in exotic places, to prescribe their hottest drugs.

These drugs share several qualities. They are expensive, they generally don't cure the disease they are prescribed for and they have dangerous "side effects."

I spoke to a woman recently who has had diabetes for 20 years. She takes 14 different medications, costing $1,017 every 3 months! A perfect patient in the eyes of Big Pharma.

The unholy Food/Pharma/Medical axis does not care how many people who fall ill or die because of their greed, as long as it makes money for their shareholders.

Bill Young, Nutritional Therapy Coach

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