Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Antioxidant Beats Cancer!

Dr Alan Spreen,

CoQ10 is the one supplement I take every day, without fail.

New evidence of an even greater benefit is pouring in. And over the next couple of weeks, I’ll tell you about some of the amazing discoveries happening in CoQ10 research.

CoQ10 is a powerful cancer fighter.

Researchers in Tokyo gave rats a carcinogen that promotes colon cancer. The rats were divided into three groups. One group was fed a regular diet. The second group got a low dose of CoQ10. The third got a medium dose.

The results were amazing.

Both of the groups that received CoQ10 had reductions in abnormal crypts (an early sign of colon cancer) of up to 77%. Ultimately, the results of this study suggested that CoQ10 held cancer in check even when exposed to this carcinogen.1

Another study done at the University of Texas at Austin documented 10 cases of cancer patients who unexpectedly survived when treated with CoQ10.2

It works by blocking the free radicals that can ultimately damage the DNA in your cells. It also helps re-energize the immune system cells that get suppressed by cancer. It restores their ability to fight back and attack the cancer cells.

Researchers in Denmark studied a group of breast cancer patients. They gave them CoQ10, plus a combination of other antioxidants and essential-fatty acids. The result?

The entire group had a partial remission of the cancer. But here’s where things get very interesting…

Two of the patients received larger doses of CoQ10 (390 mg). Their tumors disappeared.

Here’s what the researchers said regarding one of the patients:

“After three months, the patient was in excellent clinical condition and there was no residual tumor tissue.”3

Remarkable isn’t it?

Yet CoQ10 is one of the most overlooked nutrients. The government doesn’t even have a recommended daily intake for it. And in my practice, I’ve found that most of my new patients are deficient.

The only natural source of CoQ10 is red meat, especially organ meat. But today’s commercially-raised, grain-fed beef is a poor source.

Even worse, many popular drugs – especially cholesterol-lowering drugs like statins – cause your levels of CoQ10 to plunge.

I recommend getting 400 mg of regular CoQ10 daily.

Dr Alan Spreen

Note, most people, as Dr Spreen says, are deficient in antioxidants. As Dr Lester Packer, the Dean of Antioxidant Experts says, "He who has the most antioxidants in his body will live the longest healthiest life!"

There is help. The Kangen Ionized Alkalizing Machine, recognized as a Medical Device by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, converts ordinary tap water into the most powerful antioxidant available!

What this water does is to immediately double or triple the effective amount of antioxidants in your body because it has the ability to regenerate your body's other antioxidants.

It is not well known, but when an antioxidant smashes (medical term!) a free radical, it loses its antioxidant power, even becoming a dangerous free radical itself in some cases.

For instance, Alpha Lipoic Acid or Glutathione, two lesser known antioxidants and in some cases vitamins C and E have to regenerate or rejuvenate the spent antioxidant.

However, Kangen Water has a large supply of free electrons that can rejuvenate the body's other antioxidants, thereby greatly increasing the net amount available to the body resulting in a very strong immune system and protection against radical damage to organs and structures of the body.

Once free radicals have been quelched, the body's Ph or acid alkaline balance can be addressed. In most of us, our blood's Ph balance has been put out of whack because of our diet and stress which causes it to become too acid. Excess acidity (acidosis) allows disease producing microbes and viruses to flourish, causing disease, which in turn produces more free radicals!

Once the body's Ph balance is restored and acidosis eliminated and free radicals vanquished, your body will heal itself as nature designed it to.

To find out more about the very special properties of Kangen Water, click here: http://TheBestWater.Org

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Bill Young, Nutritional Therapy Coach

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