Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bankers are Subsidizing Killer Food to Poor!

"Listen, one out of two minority individuals has diabetes. To say that poor people can’t afford good food is ridiculous … these corporations, subsidized by the federal government, are selling food to low-income people that makes them sick." Robert Kenner, Dir of new film, Food Inc.

Example, Dollar menus at McDonalds, FAT,CARBOHYDRATES,SUGAR,CALORIES:

Cheeseburger on white flour bun with catsup,(about 415 calories, 40gms of carbohydrates) $1

A 32oz, (1 qt!) cup of Sweet Tea, $1 (about 20 packets of sugar and 440 calories, about 20% of recommended calorie consumption for a whole day! Plus 113gms of carbs)

French Fries, $1 Another 160 calories! 20 gms of carbs
Plus, bonus! an unhealthy dose of triglycerides, fats from the vegetable oil they were fried in which causes heart disease!

How about topping off the meal with a lovely serving of fried apple pie, Yum!
255 calories, 51 gms of carbohydrates Oops, almost forgot, you get two, count 'em, Two pies for $1, not one, so add another 255 calories and 51 gms of carbs!

So, for $4, you can get 1,350 calories, more than half the recommended calories for an adult for the entire day! The 271 gms of carbohydrates equal the TOTAL recommended daily intake of carbs for adulst and since these are refined carbs, the worse kind, you are well on your way to diabetes.

I have personally seen parents feeding their small children a meal like I have outlined. No wonder 1 of 4 kids are overweight and 1 of 2 poor people have diabetes!

Of course, if you have been following my expose of the Fed Reserve and the Intl Bankers who own and control America, (see you know it is not the government that is subsidizing the food industry, it is the Bankers.

Our government has no money, it borrows all the money it needs from the private, Intl Bankers via the equally private Federal Reserve Bank, so it is they who ultimately fund the food industry and reap their share of the profits. We, the citizen are ultimately funding our own demise.

Note: Our friendly Bankers will even Finance that McDonald's meal for you if you do not have the money, at 20% of course! Then, of course when the inevitable diabetes, heart disease and stroke kick in later in life, the cost of treating these totally preventable diseases will become a further source of profits for the Disease Industry. The total costs to treat diabetics in this country is estimated to be $10 Million an HOUR!

Would you like fries with your diabetes?

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