Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Metabolic Syndrome X

Never heard of it? 47 Million Americans have it and most have never heard of it and do not know they have it and will most likely die of its complications, 10 years earlier and many many thousands of dollars poorer!

Metabolic Syndrome X is not an actual disease itself, but is the presence of a cluster of abnormal systemic readings that are the precursor to diabetes, heart trouble, stroke, cancer etc. In other words, the 4-5 chronic diseases of aging that we all die from.

Here are the signs:

Your navel-level waist measurement is more than 40in for men or 35in for women
Your triglycerides are over 100
Your blood preasure is over 140/90
Your blood sugar is over 100
Your Good cholesterol is low

You arrived at this condition because of long years of eating the Standard American DIEt that makes your blood acidic and you probably do not get much exercise.

MSX is also called Hyperinsulinism because it is characterized by too much insulin in the blood stream caused by the increasing insensitivity to insulin by the cells of the body, which in turn is usually caused by abdominal fat and eating too much carbohydrates, which produce over acidity.

High blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes are the two most likely diseases to develop first from Metabolic Syndrome X.

Type 2 diabetes, which you may as well call the Disintegration of your Body, attacks your nervous system and your circulatory system. Think of what that means as those systems slowly degenerate over time.

Loss of limbs, eyesite, pain in the extremities, heart trouble, strokes are just a few of its benefits.

Yet, MSX is reversible as are almost all of its consequences, not with Drugs to control higb blood pressure or to lower cholesterol or blood sugar, but simply by restoring the blood alkaline balance of the body and eliminating free radicals!

The quickest ways to do this, is to lose weight by switching to what I call the Meditteranean Diet, (look it up) taking up exercise and by drinking ionized alkaline water. You should also add nutritional supplements to these efforts, especially anti-oxidants and others that have been shown to attack specific disease targets, such as cinnamon for reducing blood sugar, B-Complexes for nerve health, etc.

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