Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Diabetic Test Strips

My Dad was a diabetic for years.

As the disease progressed, he lost the toes on his right foot, then his entire foot. He frequently cried as his condition worsened.

Mercifully, he passed about a year later, just after his right leg was amputated.

When we went to clean out his house, we were shocked to find nearly 500 boxes of diabetic test strips, unopened, unused.

I wondered why he would accumulate so many boxes of the strips. I talked to several diabetic friends of his

What I uncovered was shocking. Not just my Dad, but virtually every diabetic on Medicare or with insurance is practically drowning in boxes and boxes of diabetic test strips.

The reasons are many. They are normally shipped in bulk to patients. Sometimes the patients switch meters which require different models. Sometimes the wrong strips are ordered, etc.

Anyway, the problem is that while many diabetics are swimming in test strips, there are millions of other diabetics, who are not fortunate enough to have insurance or Medicare, who can hardly afford the costs of the strips, which are pretty expensive.

What I decided to do was to see if I could help those less fortunate, while removing the nuisance of excess strips from the more fortunate.

My company, Metropolitan Business Council, is soliciting the excess supply of boxes of the strips from those who have too many and will make them available to those who have no insurance coverage.

We will pay shipping and handling of up to $3 box. We will also pay a finder's fee of up to $2 box for those who locate and supply us with the boxes.

Boxes must be unopened, unexpired boxes of brands made and distributed in this country. No foreign brands accepted. We then make them available at a steep discount from the exorbitant retail price to the uninsured, based on their ability to pay.

We also donate $2 on every sale to the American Diabetes Association.

If you or someone you know has excess boxes of these strips and would like to donate or sell them, please send me an email,to MBCouncil@gmail.com including the brand name, the brand or type of meter they go with, expiration date and how many boxes you have. Please also include your telephone number so that we can discuss your situation. You can also reach us by phone, 646-961-3818

We will pay the cost of shipping to us. http://Diabetic-Test-Strips.Info

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